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Besides Letter of credit for payment, we are comfortable with online payment options and other offline methods. Buyers can choose an option best suited for them and make payment accordingly. In order to deliver high quality product range, we make use of the premium raw material that is sourced from the reliable places and that too after complete quality assurance.

Ranges :

  • Home & Personal Care
  • Fragrance, Essential oil & Aroma Chemicals
  • Pigments,Technical Colors & Inks
  • Pharma Raw Material & Packaging
  • Menthol Crystal

Pharmaceutical List

Acetic Acid (Glacial, 56% & 84%) Disodium Phosphate Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)
Acetone EDTA Palm Oil
Acetonitrile EDTA plus Phosphoric Acid (7S%, 85%)
Activated Carbon Epsom Salt Polyethylene Glycol
Aluminum Stearate Ethyl Acetate Polyethylene Glycol (PEG's)
Amino Acid Ethyl Alcohol (Denatmed) Polysorbates
Ammonium Acetate Ethyl Glycol Potassium Acetate
Ammonium Bicarbonate Ferric Chloride Potassium Chloride
Ammonium Citrate Gluconic Acid Potassium Citrate
Ammonium Hydroxide Glycerine Potassium Hydroxide
Antimicobials Gum Arabic Potassium Metabisulfite
Aqua Ammonia Heptane Potassium Phosphate
Ascorbic Acid Hexane Propyl Alcohol
Bentonite Hydrogen Peroxide (39%, 50%) Propylene Glycol (All Grades}
Benzyl Alcohol Isopropyl Acetate Silicones
Bicarbonate of Soda [sepropyl Alcohol Sodium Acetate
Bleach Isopropyl Myristate Sodium Ascorbate
Butyl Stearate Isopropyl Palmitate Sodium Benzoate
Calcium Chloride Lactic Acid Sodium Bicarbonate
Calcium Hydroxide Lanolin Sodium Carbonate (Light, Dense)
Calcium Oxide Lauric Acid Sodium Chloride
Calcium Stear ate Lauryl Alcohol Sodium Citrate
Carboxy methylcellulose Magnesium Citrate Sodium Hydrosulfite
Caustic Potash Magnesium Hydroxide Sodium Hydroxide (All Grades)
Caustic Soda (All Grads) Magnesium Stearate Sodium Hypochlorite
Caustic Soda -Beads Magnesium sufate Sodium Nitrate
Cetyl Alcohol Methanol Sodium Nitrite
Chlorine, granular Methyl Alcohol Sodium Sulfate
Citric Acid Methyl Ethyl Ketone (MEK) Stearic Acid
Defoamers Methyl Tert -Buty Ether (MTBE) Tetrahydrofuran (THF)
Denatured Alcohols Mineral Oils Toluene
Denatured Ethyl Alcohol Monoethanolamine Triethylamine
Diatomaceous Earth - Tripropylene Glycol
Dichloromethane - Vitamin C
- - Zinc stearate

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