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Surrati Group

Industrial City, Makkah Al Mukarramah - 1249, Saudi Arabia

Mobile : +966-546606805, +966-542233286

E-mail : arahman@surratiperfumes.com

Chemical Distribution

Our key focus for distribution chemicals includes the following areas:-
We analyze the current trends, developments and challenges in the construction chemical industry and focus on these issues to overcome the challenges.

We boast of a large detergent manufacturing facility that enables us to deliver the products, which are sure to exceed the expectations of the clients. Our manufacturing unit is well equipped with different powerful machines that help us in producing bulk quantities of flawless products.

Ink & Adhesive
SURRATI GROUP sells a wide array of equipment for photo reproduction on ceramic surfaces, along with providing supplies and service.

SURRATI GROUP an eminent manufacturer and supplier of an extensive array of lubricants or automobile oils. Assuring the clients of better functioning of their vehicles, these lubricants adhere to the Indian standards of quality.

Paint & Coating
SURRATI GROUP is an amalgam of Paint, Ink and Powder coating manufacturers, Raw Material manufacturers and traders, Machinery manufacturers and Allied Industries.

Paper & Pulp
SURRATI GROUP is a producer of excellent quality writing and printing paper, and a leading manufacturer of tissue and board, as well as Rayon Grade Pulp (RGP) products.

Pharmaceutical industry is one of the most recent ventures of SURRATI GROUP. We believe a vibrant biopharmaceutical research industry is critical to patients and global health.

Commodity Trading

Surrati Group’s Smart Commodity Management software platform, captures, analyzes, and manages demand, budgets, forecasts, coverage, procurement, and hedging while providing real-time scenario and intelligence capabilities to optimize decision making. Incorporating commodity risk management software into the supply chain gives companies that produce chemicals the competitive advantage to manage volatile raw material prices and to optimize profit margins.

Manufacturers of industrial chemicals can use integrated commodity planning that includes the procurement of commodities and energy. The next-generation CTRM software platform includes advanced analytics and decision support tools for improved management of risks and exposures, and is suitable for both local and global sourcing and distribution.

SURRATI GROUP’s Commodity Management platform enables many customers to profitably manage exposure to energy and raw materials across industries including energy, metals, minerals, chemicals, agriculture, shipping, consumer products, food and beverage, retail, and manufacturing.

SURRATI GROUP creates organic commodity chemicals (that is those based on the chemistry of carbon) from basic raw materials such as oil and gas; plus the chemistry and processes that are used to manufacture the many downstream speciality and fine chemicals have been studied in universities and industrial research centres

IT Services & Branding

Enterprise Content Management Consulting, Workshop, Assessment Services

The service areas span across Audit and Business Case Development, Portfolio Assessment, Product Fitment Analysis, Framework Development, Strategy & Best Practices and Roadmap Development.

Enterprise Content Management Implementation Services
The service areas span across Scanning & Imaging Services, Document Management Services, Web Content Management Services, Records Management Services, Digital Asset Management Services, Content Workflow Services, Content Integration Services, Content Security Services Enterprise Search Services, Integration Services and Migration Services.

Customer satisfaction and retention are mission-critical components of our business, so success is measured by the level of satisfaction of our customers and we hope to gain your loyalty based on our performance.

Surrati Perfumes

The sense of smell is much more than just another of the senses. It is the sense that connects all others. Nothing invites and awakens the human psyche like the sense of smell. It permeates the length and breadth of the mind, awakens buried feelings and incites new sensations. Like air to a burning ember, it revives and sets alight a wealth of emotions.

From its abode in the heart of Mecca, Surrati Perfumes spreads an aroma that is as pure and unadulterated as the land of its origins. A family owned business that has remained true to ideals of authenticity and commitment to its clientele for over eight decades; Surrati is perfect for people who wish to leave a lasting impression.

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