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Labeling Services

This service is offered by SURRATI GROUP to customers who are mostly located in difficult geography where manufacturing becomes a major challenge, mostly due to difficult access to raw materials, lower market potential, etc.

We offer finished products, produced from our raw materials to customers who do not wish to produce by themselves due to various reasons like, random demand, shortage of space, inventory of raw materials, difficulty in imports, etc.

Currently the following products are offered under free labeling :

  • Full range of construction sealants including polyurethane sealants, polysulphide sealants, silicon sealants etc.
  • Full range of dry mortar product for construction and coatings including adhesives, water proofing, self leveling systems, water stops, repair mortars, plasters, screeds etc.
  • Full range of epoxy products including construction coatings, mortars, industrial coatings, protective coatings etc.
  • Decorative exterior and interior paints, marine coatings, etc.

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